Being kind to
the environment

We take care of our beaches to return nature to a healthy state

BIOagradables is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 and based in the Valencian community.

Its activity is in the field of environ-mental protection and conservation, and it operates through a variety of awareness and education activities.

Activities, projects and much more!

The work of BIOagradables has become a benchmark in beach cleaning activities in the Valencian Community. In addition to our monthly beach cleanups, this is reflected in the number of actions, projects, and collaborations that we have been developing.

Restoring our nature

Meet the numbers!

BIOagradables has been collecting information since 2013 by participating in the Ocean Conservancy database through the collaboration with Ambiente Europeo. Find out how many kilos we picked up this year and which categories are the most popular on our coastline.

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